Dartmoor Pony Charity Calendar 2022

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Helping to keep the Dartmoor Pony on the Moor

In support of the wonderful Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust, all profits go towards the charity which will be £5.00 for every calendar sold

The Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust’s mission is to secure the long-term future of the native Dartmoor pony, while inspiring and connecting people with Dartmoor’s wildlife, landscape and heritage. We do this through education, as well as working closely with key partners, conservation bodies and Dartmoor farmers to preserve these beautiful animals and ensure their important role in Dartmoor’s ecology is recognised.


Calendar size opens to A3 with the image taking the top A4 half and the dates page on the bottom A4 half so a nice size for image and writing on the calendar.

Postage and packing included.


9 reviews for Dartmoor Pony Charity Calendar 2022

  1. Elizabeth Beer

    Exquisite photos , lve followed your beautiful pictures for a few years now … always spectacular 💕💕💕

  2. Rosalie Knowles

    Fabulous photography again.

  3. Rosalie Knowles

    Again, fabulous photography

  4. Jk Shoemaker

    Fabulous. So looking f ou reward to seeing in person.

  5. Shelley Ann

    Bought them last year as well they’re lovely & good for Xmas pressies

  6. Anne Rundle

    Im buy the calendar to support the ponies I grew up knowing on Dartmoor as a child. As an adult I treasure the memories and youngsters can too.

  7. Susan Greenaway (verified owner)

    Bought these for myself and presents last year. Have done again this year. Gorgeous

  8. Shelley Ann

    Last year’s were lovely & great quality so am buying again

  9. Jan Calver (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning photos! I bought a calendar last year and done so again this year. Beautiful ❤️

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