Inspired to give our wildlife a voice

Welcome to the Inspired By Wildlife.

We're a British environmental organisation dedicated to partnering with wildlife and conservation charities. We help them to raise awareness about crucial wildlife and conservation projects through outstanding photography, professional videography, website design and powerful storytelling.

The amazing power of inspirational photography

Inspired By Wildlife was founded by Malcolm Snelgrove, a UK Horse and Conservation Photographer based in the Dartmoor National Park.

Malcolm knows that one of the most powerful art forms of all is his photography. The stunning images of the natural world he creates are a truly inspiring way to engage greater public awareness for the conservation projects he supports.

Supporting small and medium sized local charities

Inspired By Wildlife is a simple, effective way for everyone to support our wonderful British wildlife, by donating directly to exciting conservation projects. You can also buy stunning images and products. All the profits go to support our charity partners projects.

To support our work, please donate or visit the Inspired Collection. No donation is too small, and we truly value every single penny you can spare. Thank you for your generosity.

To support our work please donate or visit the INSPIRED COLLECTION


Our long term goals are all about conserving habitats and protecting wildlife by raising awareness and educating the public. Why not explore the crucially important projects we're currently working on?

Our mission and goals

Connecting people with nature

Our collaboration with conservation and wildlife charities supports better awareness of critical wildlife and conservation projects in the United Kingdom.

Inspiration sits at the heart of everything we do. We inspire people to discover the extraordinary beauty of our wild places and the wildlife that depends on them. We inspire change by giving people a deeper understanding of why our wild places and creatures deserve protection. We inspire better awareness about wildlife management.

Malcolm's glorious images work hard to make people aware of the wonderful projects our Partners are engaged in, and inspire people to respond positively.

Giving British wildlife a voice

We're forging great partnerships with local conservation organizations and communities whose work reflects the ethos of Inspired by Wildlife. Our goal is to support these organisations and improve public awareness about their work, thus increasing their impact.

We're fortunate to have an extensive network of press, media, social media and conservation contacts. Thanks to them we help amplify our partners’ campaigns and drive positive conservation outcomes.

Fascinating field trips connect respected brands with our partners

Our UK Conservation Photography Field Trips are a potent way to connect local, national, and international organisations with our UK Conservation Partners. The objective is to produce a body of imagery that fully captures the threats and opportunities faced by physical environments, fauna, flora, and cultural traditions under threat.

Malcolm's fellow photographers and videographers have varied skill sets and a host of experience working in the field. They do far more than simply take pretty pictures. They capture persuasive narratives that provide compelling evidence of the urgent need to protect these uniquely special places, and the wildlife that depends on them. Everybody involved has the same burning passion for protecting the environment, supporting wildlife, and conserving rare breeds.

A wildlife-supporting Image Licensing service

We've created an ever-expanding bank of gorgeous, professional copyright-free images and video that our conservation partners use as visual assets. We maintain the image bank for the benefit of the UK as a whole, helping to give our wildlife a persuasive voice that more people listen to.

If you'd like to support our work, please donate or visit our Inspired Collection.

To support our work please donate or visit the INSPIRED COLLECTION